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Beans Consult L.L.C. is more than a business management consultancy firm, it's your strategic partner in your entrepreneurial success.

Founded in 2016, we focus on empowering startups and small businesses, acting as a full-fledged management arm for these companies.

Our unique approach merges consultancy, business services, and training and development into integrated bundles, each meticulously tailored to align with your business's growth phase. With the expertise of our seasoned consultants and our network of business partners, we provide a holistic growth ecosystem that propels businesses towards sustainable and professional performance


Beans Consult offers diversified bundles that support businesses in their journey, each bundle serves a specific area of development that match the growing phase of the company.

Business Initiation 

From entrepreneurial assessments to legal setup, offering A-to-Z services to kickstart your journey

Strategic Management 

Crafting tailored strategies and conducting rigorous audits to keep your business focused and agile

Growth & Expansion

Providing meticulous growth plans, investment guidance, and international scaling strategies 

Finance & Legal 

Managing your finances, tax planning, and legal requirements to ensure compliance and financial health

Organization Development

Streamlining processes, redesigning policies, and aligning Organization structure for peak performance

Business Functions Support

Outsourced business services and that free you to focus on your core business 

Performance Management

Empowering your team through training, development programs, and performance tracking systems

Customer Testimonials

Youssef Rashad

Founder of Kaii Lab 

"It has been and continues to be a pleasure working and collaborating with Beans Consult. They really do have our back and they do not hesitate to give genuine advice or provide support in every step. From the first instance we met Ghadir and Hesham and from our first exercise together, it transformed not just the way we look at our operations but also the way we run it. I would highly recommend Beans Consult for anyone looking to optimize, enhance and ultimately grow their business!"

Ahmed Ali 

CEO of CloudVances

"Your consultancy agency has surpassed our expectations with your positive attitude, meticulous attention to detail, and exemplary follow-through skills. Despite the challenging nature of our work, you consistently found solutions whenever new issues or challenges arose. Your profound understanding of law, finance, and the startup ecosystem in Egypt proved to be invaluable, allowing us to streamline these aspects and focus on our core business."

Elhussien Seddik 

Operations Manager of TDH 

"Beans Consultancy do understand the business in middle east, do have a strong theoretical background and most importantly they do use their experience and knowledge to transform the company to a multinational standard. They go give a step by step guidance and never leave wondering what to do next."

Mohamed Kandil

Founder of CX Consulting 

"We sincerely appreciate your help and the thoughtful way you always responded to our inquiries about our company, which made our job more manageable. You have been a great support and have contributed immensely to the success of our company. Thank you for your dedication to helping us grow and succeed."

Karim Ismail

Founder of

"Beans Consult Company is an exceptional choice for startup business planning. Their expertise and professionalism shine through in their strategic approach. Highly recommended for startups seeking expert guidance and a solid foundation for success."

Roa'a Mamdouh

Founder of Roa'a Designs 

"Beans consult is very professional yet friendly . They have the answer for any question I would ask regarding my business and always they give me honest feedback. Highly recommend."

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