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Beans Consult is a team of highly experienced entrepreneurs and business professionals with a passion for helping others grow and succeed. Our team of experts has a wealth of experience and knowledge to help you in your journey.

Ghadir Elmaghraby

Head of Operations Management and Optimization

Besides being the cofounder of Beans Consult L.L.C. and it's General Manager, Ghadir brings over 12 years of experience in Process Optimization and Project Management. Leveraging her background in Business Information Systems, Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, and Lean Six Sigma methodology, she enables companies to operate effectively and efficiently, abiding by Corporate Governance Directives and aligning with market needs and challenges.

Hesham Afifi

Head of Finance and Business Strategy

Hesham is the other cofounder of Beans Consult L.L.C., Hesham has more than two decades of experience in Business Management. His extensive knowledge in Human Resources Management, Finance, and Banking assist companies in sculpting their businesses into profitable and compliant models. Hesham is also a Visiting Professor of Management and Accounting at the French University in Egypt, enriching the academic field with his real-world expertise.

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