Business Initiation 

  • Entrepreneurial Readiness Assessment: Our expert consultants utilize advanced tools to measure your potential as an entrepreneur. We highlight your strengths and areas for improvement to prepare you for the business journey.
  • Product-Market Fit Analysis: We work closely with you to evaluate your business idea against the conditions of the targeted markets. This crucial step ensures your business idea's potential success.
  • Business Planning: We develop a robust business plan in partnership with you, serving as your enterprise's roadmap, providing clarity on each step you should take for a consistent business launch.
  • Business Setup Support: Assisting in the logistical and legal aspects of establishing your business entity, our service covers Egypt and the Middle East, primarily in the UAE, KSA, and Jordan.

Strategic Management 

  • Business Strategy Design: We create an organizational master plan to guide your business towards achieving its objectives, ensuring that your company remains focused on its core mission.
  • Strategy Audit & Assessment: We perform a thorough strategic audit that analyzes both internal and external factors of your company, providing information that guides future decisions and strategies.
  • Marketing Strategy and Digital Presence: Our team can create comprehensive marketing strategies that enhance your digital presence, improving your brand's visibility, reach, and overall market position.

Growth and Expansion 

  • Growth Planning: We assist in strategizing growth, allowing businesses to utilize resources effectively. Our approach helps businesses adapt to industry changes, outperform competitors, and thrive.
  • Investment Rounds Leadership: We act as a management arm for startups, guiding them through investment rounds, application to incubation programs, and qualification for demo days and other investment-raising activities.
  • International Scale-Up Support: We help startups scale up across borders. Our services include market studies, market penetration plans, legal setup procedures, and more. We have strategic partnerships in Egypt, UAE, KSA, and Jordan, providing a seamless scaling experience.

Finance and Legal 

  • Internal Bookkeeping & Accounting Management: Our accounting professionals manage all your financial transactions, ensuring accuracy and providing regular updates.
  • Financial Analysis: We create detailed financial studies, models, and assessments, providing valuable insights into your business's financial health.
  • Implementation of Accounting Applications: We configure accounting software like Zoho, facilitating streamlined and accurate bookkeeping.
  • Tax Planning: We manage all your tax needs, ensuring you meet all legal requirements and avoid potential penalties.
  • Financial Audits: We conduct comprehensive financial audits, ensuring accurate income tax returns and correctly stamped financial statements.
  • Business Legal Setup: We manage the legal setup of your business in Egypt, UAE, KSA, and Jordan, handling all the paperwork so you can focus on your business.
  • Legal Services and Government Paperwork: We navigate the complexities of governmental paperwork, handling everything from license acquisition to document renewals.
  • Social Insurance Services: We manage all your social insurance requirements, ensuring your company complies with all relevant regulations.

Organization Development

  • Process Management & SOPs: We analyze, optimize, and create standard operating procedures (SOPs) to ensure your business operates efficiently. We also support businesses preparing to implement ERP systems, helping them refine their requirements.
  • Internal Policies Redesign: We assist in designing internal policies that foster a positive and productive work environment while meeting legislative requirements.
  • Organizational Structure Design: We can help redesign your organization's structure, ensuring that it aligns with new strategies and positions your business for success.
  • Performance Management System: We set up systems that track and enhance performance, aligning your entire organization with your strategic objectives.

Business Function Support 

  • Project Management: Our project management services allow you to outsource your project management needs to our experienced team. This helps you stay focused on your core business activities.
  • Digital Transformation: As a Zoho partner, we help small businesses adopt digital tools that can facilitate growth and efficiency. We provide training and support for a seamless digital transformation.
  • Lean Six Sigma Implementation: We lead Lean Six Sigma projects, emphasizing the use of data to drive decision-making, increase efficiency, and improve results.

Performance Management

  • Training & Development: We provide unique training that merges theoretical knowledge with practical experience, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of various business aspects. Our development program includes coaching, mentorship programs, and team bonding retreats.

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